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(Formerly “emilyclocke”, “corrinda”, and “impoliteandevil”)

I have to get this off my chest. I have to rant about my problems with the liberal community.

When the religious folk try to do things based on their preferences (ie: I don’t like gay marriage so marriage shouldn’t be redefined, I don’t like abortion so I can picket outside clinics and harass women) everyone gets up in arms. They use the argument—which I agree with vehemently—that just because you and likeminded individuals don’t like something doesn’t mean you can try to keep others from doing it. But then when people—mostly ignorant people who have no idea how what they say can be deemed offensive—say things, the most radical and oversensitive of liberals decide to ignore their own rationale. People aren’t allowed to say queer if they’re not gay. People aren’t allowed to have opinions on women’s rights if they don’t have a uterus. So basically what this radical liberals are saying is because they don’t like straight people saying queer (frankly, as a bisexual I see no problem with it because the word means no harm to me and the people who use it mostly use well-meaningly) no straight person is allowed to say queer. Ever. It’s entirely and extraordinarily hypocritical.

Another major problem I have is the amount of bullying that radical and oversensitive liberals do to people who don’t deserve it. So someone called you by the wrong gender pronoun? You politely explain to them that you don’t like being called that and they learn something new about gender pronouns. You don’t fucking scream at them right off the bat. Not only is it completely rude, but people shut down when they’re being yelled at and they’re not going to learn anything. After you politely explain to them what you like to be called and they still insist on calling you the wrong thing, then you get intense. I’m just using this as an example but it goes for any situation. I always hear people saying “I don’t owe it to anyone to be nice” and “I can be mean and rude if I want”. And yeah, that’s true, but it’s nice to be nice. I can’t believe I have to explain this kindergarten lesson to grownass adults. Being a decent human being includes being civil to others. And worse, these radical liberals constantly complain about the lack of decent human beings. A decent human being would support gay rights no matter what. A decent human being wouldn’t harass a woman for sex. Proving once again that they expect everyone else to behave a certain way (decency, politeness, and civility towards others) but vehemently fight against having to do it themselves.

And finally, when people like me try to point out rational, reasonable points in a calm, passive manner, we get harassed and bullied by the radical liberals. I expect to be hounded with completely brutal messages after posting this. For pointing out the hypocrisies and failings of an insentient and unfeeling political ideal I am apparently akin to a lynch mobber or a rapist. People care more about a political ideal that is completely incapable of feeling anything than they do about the feelings of a living human being. I also fully expect people to call me sexist, homophobic, ableist, bigotted, or whatever social justice words might be in their vocabulary. In truth I am a woman, a queer, and dying of a serious and painful heart condition while suffering from generalized anxiety. But they don’t care about that at all. Anyone who disagrees with them or god forbid isn’t as knowledgeable about radical liberalism is worse than Ted Bundy.

I’m writing this for one reason, and that reason is to combat bullying. Like it or not it is bullying to scream at someone who innocently calls you the wrong pronoun. It is bullying to scream at someone who points out the flaws of your politics. It is bullying to hold someone at different standards as you. It is bullying to declare that you don’t owe it to anyone to be nice, and then use that statement to rationalize the completely cruel and heartless things you do and say. It’s anti-bullying month and a lot of these radical liberals think they’re immune from being called bullies but frankly, they are the most vicious bullies I know.

Can’t we all just get along?