I’m an eternally optimistic, nerdy, tattooed, chubby, 20-year-old atheist from Ontario, Canada (the best place ever). I have a cat named Luna whom I love more than anything. My main interests are (in no order) history, horror, reading, writing, tea, rock/metal, steampunk, cute animals, weird animals, rum, learning, Canadian culture, Nintendo, cartoons, and anime and manga. I love being alone, but I also love talking to people so feel free to send me a message.

(Formerly “emilyclocke”, “corrinda”, and “impoliteandevil”)

The best thing happened the other day.

So my mom is the director at an after-school in-school daycare program. At the end of every school year, my mom gets gifts from the kids and their parents. So basically, at the end of every school year my mom gets a shit-tonne of Tim Horton’s gift cards, which my mom pawns off onto my dad, brother, and I. As usual, she gave one of the cards to me, figuring the parent who gave it to her only put $5 or $10 into it, because that’s how much the others usually are. Nope! I discovered the card she gave me had fifty bucks on it. So now not only do I have $50 of free doughnuts in my future, I get too watch my mom kick herself for not keeping the card. Hehehehehehe. (To be fair though, I did buy my brother and dad a bunch of sandwiches, coffees, and timbits with the card)