I’m an eternally optimistic, nerdy, tattooed, chubby, 20-year-old atheist from Ontario, Canada (the best place ever). I have a cat named Luna whom I love more than anything. My main interests are (in no order) history, horror, reading, writing, tea, rock/metal, steampunk, cute animals, weird animals, rum, learning, Canadian culture, Nintendo, cartoons, and anime and manga. I love being alone, but I also love talking to people so feel free to send me a message.

(Formerly “emilyclocke”, “corrinda”, and “impoliteandevil”)

Assholes: You should hate yourself because you’re fat and that’s ugly.

Fat People: I think I look marvelous.

Assholes: Well, you should hate yourself because being fat isn’t healthy.

Fat People: Why is my health your problem?

Assholes: Your being fat gives a bad example to my kids who then will think it’s OK to be fat and unhealthy.

Fat People: Why are your kids my problem?

Assholes: Why won’t you hate yourself?

Fat People: Because then I’d be just like you.