I’m an eternally optimistic, nerdy, tattooed, chubby, 20-year-old atheist from Ontario, Canada (the best place ever). I have a normal job, but I'm also a writer and artist. I have a cat named Luna whom I love more than anything, I collect animal teeth and bones, and Halloween is my favourite day of the year. My main interests are (in no order) history, fall, horror, reading, writing, antiques, tea, folk metal, cute animals, weird animals, rum, learning, Canadian culture, Nintendo, cartoons, and anime and manga. I love being alone, but I also love talking to people so feel free to send me a message.

(Formerly “emilyclocke”, “corrinda”, and “impoliteandevil”)

Assholes: You should hate yourself because you’re fat and that’s ugly.

Fat People: I think I look marvelous.

Assholes: Well, you should hate yourself because being fat isn’t healthy.

Fat People: Why is my health your problem?

Assholes: Your being fat gives a bad example to my kids who then will think it’s OK to be fat and unhealthy.

Fat People: Why are your kids my problem?

Assholes: Why won’t you hate yourself?

Fat People: Because then I’d be just like you.